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colin-machiningOver the years I’ve modified pretty well anything with an engine and even some without. It all started with my first VW Beetle in about 1987, and from there moved through various machines including boats, motorcycles, the odd snow machine… Even a plane at one time!

When trying to fit Porsche 944 Turbo brakes to that Beetle I discovered there was no kit available… So I built my own!

After many years of modifying machines I’ve found there are often no kits available, and if they are, mass production quality can often be dodgy.

Stenhouse Racing offers a complete design, machine, and fabrication facility to make your “dream kit” a reality.

The Stenhouse Racing design team can prototype your part with our state of the art CAD software. We can build “one off” or “production quantity” parts on our manual lathes, milling machines, or CNC. We also offer welding and fabrication services using MIG or TIG welding processes.

All our work is done in house by specialists who know and care about your needs. This allows us to maintain total control of ALL pieces we build, whether it be TIG welded Titanium bracket with 100 hours of machining or a simple turned Aluminium washer, every component we build meets our high standards.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any inquiries.

Colin Stenhouse
Stenhouse Racing

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